Can you actually enjoy your photo session & love your photos too?

Yes, yes you can.  This is all about you and about the moments that tell your story, and we're actually going to have them-- laughing, pausing, full heart-- all the feels you want to feel and all the images you'll be so grateful to have now and in the years to come. I look forward to showing you the beautiful in the ordinary, where you can use these photos in the building of your life,  and I'm just going to get to tell your story 1,000 words at a time.

It was the first time we hired a professional photographer to capture our family, and Krissy took the most beautiful photos of our family, more beautiful than I could ever have imagined or wished for. But above and beyond that, every time we look at our photos, we have such sweet memories of the entire photo shoot experience and it has become a very distinct memory that we joyfully talk about as a family. Krissy has a unique gift to work with people and children to create what becomes art in their homes.

"More beautiful than I could've imagined."

minti s

"Krissy is absolutely amazing at what she does."She quickly picks up on family dynamtics and captures each story.  Krissy was our photographer for several years while we lived in Maui and we were so lucky to have her capture our family during a recent vacation in beautiful Charleston.  her photos are always something I can look forward to and will treasure forever!  She's so much fun and so talented.

"Her photos are always something I can look forward to & will treasure forever."

Staci b.

I was beyond thrilled with my daughter's senior portraits. Krissy made the session super fun for my teen who doesn't enjoy getting her picture taken. The photos captured my daughter's authentic expressions while highlighting her unique personality. Thank you, Krissy, for making the experience so enjoyable!

"Thank you Krissy for making the experience so enjoyable!"

Jennifer p.

Krissy is so phenomenal to work with! I have done both professional headshots, lifestyle photos, and also family photos with her. She can both capture you casually while you are interacting with your family, and also knows how to arrange an amazing planned family or head shot. I can’t recommend her enough. We cherish our photos!

"Krissy is so phenomenal
to work with."

Tracy S., hawaii + california

"Krissy is AMAZING! I may have said this before, but I’ll say it again. She really captured what I wanted. I can see the true essence of our family. She also really warmed (my daughter) up and made her feel comfortable to show the camera her true self. She just really opened up. And I never could have told Krissy how to capture that. I will love these pictures forever!! Thank you!!!"

"She really captured what I wanted."

janet M., maui, hawaii

Krissy was amazing all throughout the process for our joint high school senior and family portrait session... from choosing what we would wear, to what location and time of day to have the photos taken, to which ones to pick and in what size afterwards! But most importantly... she captured the spirit of my family which was very important to me. The natural smiles, the love, the fun, the... "us". The pictures she took are invaluable treasures!

"The pictures she took are invaluable treasures!"

janet b., california

Krissy can create beautiful images of a family wrangling 4 boys....she is basically a miracle worker! And really, Krissy is amazing to work with. She’s wonderful with our kids, and I absolutely love her photos! So many are already lifelong treasures for our family.”

"She is basically a
miracle worker!"

amber J., california


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"For with You is the fountain of life; In
Your light we see light."

— PSALM 36:9

You're going to love your photo session!  Part of that is because we are going to take the time to prepare, to make it simple with your online portal, to find out just what it is you are hoping for, to talk wardrobe, and making your photos-- well, yours!
This is about moments, not a set of poses. I am looking at light and the location and camera settings, but most of all, I'm looking at you! Since we'll be chatting before your session, by the time you're in front of the camera, we will be like old friends. And during your photography session, whether it is a belly laugh moment or a sacred pause, I will be there, full-heart, and most often with a giant smile behind the camera.

The Experience


Whether a headshot or content for social media, brand-cohesive photography to help your business grow.

Business & Branding


A feel-amazing experience complete with hair, makeup, and crafted lighting in studio or on location. 


Enjoy 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of fun photography time, plus an online Session Premiere and more!

Families & Kids

High School Seniors

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