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Ever have an issue trying to get your kids actually do what you were hoping to capture with the camera? Let me guess, you've loved the moment, but not so much the one you captured.

Struggling to love the photos you take with your iPhone? Maybe you thought you didn't love your photos because you didn't use a really "good" camera.

But imagine if you learned how to take photos that you love-- even while using your iPhone.

And imagine if taking photos of your kids, was enjoyable for you and them.

A photography course for the busy mom

who wants to use photos to help create a legacy

This isn’t about sharing perfection on the 'gram, it is about experiencing connection within your family. 

This isn't about impressing others, but impressing upon your kids just how much you adore them, value them, and love them.

We will keep it simple, applicable, and you will learn the photography fundamentals that you can implement now, even in the thick of busy mom life.

You will learn how to capture life, while in the very middle of it, and learn how to get authentic, genuine photos-- no staging required.

Be more confident taking photos, and use photos as an opportunity to love on your family.

Be more confident in your photos.

Connection > Perfection

the connected moments will become the perfect ones

Increase in your child’s self-esteem with printed photos of themselves.*

There's never been a more important  time

Gift moms want: family portraits & to be in those photos.*




to use a camera to capture your kids:

of family photos are taken on mom's phone camera.*

Core needs for children to thrive*-- and learn how photography can be a tool to meet these needs. 

I'm ready!


*According to a 1975 Tulane University Study

*According to a 2021 CanvasPop Survey

*According to a 2015 Harris Poll

*Five needs according to the Wholeness Model by Dr. Kathy Koch

your photos become powerful shapers of your family's story... 

tell it well!

The Mom-Tography Course

Take better photos of your kids

Lesson 1: The iPhone Camera Simplified: Get the most out of it
Lesson 2: Lighting & Exposure
Lesson 3: Behind the Scenes Video: Composition, Environment, & Angles
Lesson 4: Behind the Scenes Video: Capturing Connection
Lesson 5: Editing on the Go with Lightroom
Lesson 6: Choosing the photos to keep
Lesson 7: Confidently getting in the photos
Lesson 8: Printing and how to best use printed photos
Lesson 9: PDF Portrait Cheat Sheet
Bonus Module 10: Live Q&A with Krissy


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Be encouraged in motherhood and learn how to approach photography. Your "why" will empower you to capture the photos you want most. This is fuel for you to do both motherhood and photography well and to get you started creating a family story you love.

The iPhone camera simplified.  Learn how to make the most of your iPhone camera and the simple to follow tips and tricks to use anytime.  

Module 1: The basics

video-based instruction

Learn the fundamentals of lighting and how to optimize exposure, and get the best light.  Also learn how to get the best exposure, no matter where you are.  

Module 2: Lighting & Exposure

video presentation

A simple tilt can improve your photos. Watch a behind-the-scenes video to learn more about limiting distractions, taking more flattering photos, and composing a great photo.

Module 3: Composition

behind the scenes video

Learn how to use the power of photography for connecting with your kids.  We are going to cover what it is to not just build a great photo, but to also build up your kids too.  We are going to learn about keeping it light, keeping the camera away, and capturing both the magical and the mundane.

Module 4: connection

video instruction

Lightroom is a free app and we will learn fundamentals of editing, that don't take up a lot of time.  

Module 5: editing on the go

video presentation

Learn how to get on top of your photo catalog from deleting, backing up photos, and how to spot the best photos. 

Module 6: Letting go

video presentation

Mom, you need to be in the photos too.  Learn 5 flattering poses to help you be more confident getting in more family photos.  If you just tensed up thinking about being in the photos, this is a can't miss lesson! 
Also, have you ever said, "I hate selfies!"  We'll talk about how to make selfies a lot more comfortable too.

Module 7: getting in your photos

video instruction

You need to see your story, and you must print your photos.  This doesn't need to be cumbersome or overwhelming.  We will go over a few different ideas for products that display your photos.  We will also discuss basics of creating a photo album.

Module 8:
print your photos

video presentation

If you need some ideas of when to take photos, learn how to look for the moments you want to capture.   Plus download the PDF cheatsheet and use it to prompt you whenever needed.  

Module 9:
taking portraits

video & pdf

You'll be invited to join in on a live call to ask Krissy any questions that may have come up as you practiced your new skills and tried the tips.  Or maybe you just want feedback on a few images-- whatever it is, come join us on this special bonus Q&A live call!

Module 10: bonus q&A

live online call

Here's What You'll Learn:


How It Works

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The Mom-Tography Course


Learn at your own pace in our online classroom, with content rich videos and guides, that are designed for the busy mom.


Feel like the "Mom of the Year" you deserve to be as you practice what you learned to create better photos.


Use these photo prompts to capture and create favorite family memories.  This is a tool to make it fun for the entire family to participate in and for you to get photos that you'll love this year and looking back on in the years to come.  And these are tried and tested favorites in my own family.

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the mom-tography course

9 learn as you go modules, designed for the busy mom

1 bonus module with a live Q&A

BONUS: 25 days of christmas photo scavenger hunt

pdf cheatsheet of portraits that matter most

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So let's do that.  Moms I see you, my heart is so for you. You've got the hardest job, but it's also meant to be the best job. So let's make photography a good thing--for you and your family.  As a photographer of 13 years, I see easily-corrected adjustments all the time, and I want to help you.  I've been teaching my own kids for 12 years, and am so excited to take the time to teach you.  I've learned a lot from doing things wrong myself, especially in 18 years of motherhood, and  there are things I've learned to do right. I'm not holding back, and I'm going to share from both my failures and my successes. I'm a recovering perfectionist and have found being present in the moment is so much more joyful. I've created this course to help you succeed and to be encouraged not just in photography, but also in motherhood.

Did you know that motherhood can make you a better photographer? Learn about photography, be encouraged on your motherhood journey.

I'm so glad you're here!

Imagine this: It's one year from now...

You're looking back at your printed photos-- photos that are treasures and that you love!
you've learned how to take better photos and you keep improving. 
You look at the picture frame next to you...
there is the photo.
Your absolute favorite, a moment not to be missed...
Your heart fills up.
The tears well up.
That moment will always be with you, with your family.
Your child walks by.
They glance at their photo.
They know they are loved.

Be taking better photos & be in the photos, confident with the new skills and tips you've learned.

Know tips to connect better with your kids so that taking photos is more enjoyable for you and them.

Print your photos and use your photos beyond social media and scrolling past them on your phone.

Not need to bribe, eye roll, heckle, or curse your children for them to take a photo.

Know how to get the photos that matter to you while living life and on the go.

Use your photos to create a legacy for your family 1,000 impactful words at a time.

By the end of this course, you will...



With photography, time remains a gift.


Be more present in your kids' lives.

Build a legacy for your family through photos.

Start making photography time more enjoyable for you and your family.

Be more confident when you pick up any camera or get in front of one.

Learn to be more efficient taking photos and editing them.

Feeling more connected to your family as a mom in the present, and creating a voice for your family in the future.

If you want THIS to be the year that you finally:


shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your family is an important one! The one thing I know is that this course's investment can pay you back in valuable family-life dividends.  

Still on the fence?

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