I'm Krissy, I can't help but to look for what is good and beautiful; and to see the extraordinary in life and in you.

I'm using both the lens in my hand and the lens that I see the world through to do that. I've cultivated a life to focus on what is true, good, and lovely. I've also had the privilege of working at incredible locations throughout my career. From beginning my business on Malibu beaches and at legacy film locations around Los Angeles, California, to 6 years of my business on the breathtaking Hawaiian islands. Today, I'm putting down roots in the gem of the Lowcountry, here in Charleston, South Carolina. And wherever I am, I'm seeing potential-- not just in the surroundings, but most importantly in people, including you.


My camera is an extension of me, and it is going to love you.

I get to capture light in such a way to make telling your story in moments each worthy of 1,000+ words.  Trust me, I get what it is to both love being in front of the camera, and to not. Comparison really is the thief of all joy, and too often we are our harshest critics. I've been in front of the lens and felt all the anxious feelings.  True story-- at a recent event with a hired photographer I had a photo taken with family members.  I had done my hair, makeup, picked a dress and shoes, and I was so happy and my heart so full. But then when I saw the photo the professional took, I was in shock with how I looked.  And no, not a good shock.  It was the worst photo of me, possibly ever. Basically the photographer got the worst angle and moment possible. I couldn't imagine ever doing that to my clients.  Fast forward a month later, and even with an autoimmune flare up, a photographer mentor of mine created some great photographs of me.  So the deal is this: I'm going to make your time in front of my camera actually enjoyable, so that you're feeling great, feeling relaxed, and feeling confident.  Moments and angles and lighting and more-- I've got your back, so that you can love your photography session time and your photographs too.

Quick Facts

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I'd rather be

watching the sunset

morning routine

on the good days

favorite treat

gluten free & dairy free

Drink of choice

EnergyFizz, pom

favorite movie

Pride & Prejudice

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healthy pleasure

Pilates reformer

take my money

living books

secret talent

slam dunk

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podcasts & playlists


orchard owner

my husband is

a firefighter and my bff


Pride and Prejudice

favorite sport


healthy pleasure

Pilates reformer

listening to

podcasts & playlists

Secret talent

slam dunks

take my money


My Husband

BFF and firefighter


13 years

a few more things you should know: 

Is there a happier universal sound? Laughter  doesn't have to happen all the time, but it is often a part of the best times, especially when shared.  

Laughter is one of life's best songs.

Don't worry if you "don't look good on camera" or if you tend to tense up. My job is to make this enjoyable for you, and I'm using my expertise so you can see just how photogenic you can be!

It's my job to make you look great on camera.

no 2

You've been created on purpose for a purpose. Let's capture what is good, true, and beautiful, and showcase what you're investing in, building up all that is beneficial.

You're building a legacy.

No 1

no 3

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 we believe

The best photos are the printed ones.  The photos that make the most difference are also the printed ones.   Lesson to remember: Print your photos.

Leave the cheese behind.

No cheese at your photo session? Definitely... and maybe consider it for your health?!? (Don't hate me for that, but bloat, skin issues & more-- the cheese factor is real.)  Really though, for your favorite photographs, no forced smile "cheeeezzzz" required.

 we believe