Hi! I'm Krissy, a mom, entrepreneur, and photographer. Photos are my love language and my goal is for you to feel and see the love.

Full-Time College Ministry at Stanford University: 1998-1999
Pilates Instructor: 1999-2009
Group Exercise Instructor & Stroller Strides Franchise Owner: 2003-2009
Photography Business Begins, Southern California: 2008
Home Education Began: 2010
Photography Business, Georgia/Tennessee: 2012
Photography Business, Hawaii: 2014
Wellness, Arbonne Independent Consultant: 2016
Photography Business, South Carolina & Worldwide: 2020


Summer Camp Rule to Live By: Leave it better than you found it.

This was what my youth pastor always told us as we cleaned our rooms on the last day of summer camp-- and well this has been my goal with most of my life.  I'm a visionary, and my brain thrives on ideas and creativity.  I want to see you live out your dreams, -- dreams for your business, family, and purpose(s) in life.  While I work hard and continually seek out professional and personal development for my business ventures, my heart is to see you flourish and thrive and for you to see how beautiful you are. 

a few more things you should know: 

No, not just because we've been from California to Georgia to Hawaii and now South Carolina.  But I mean physical movement.  I competed in gymnastics in college, and also cheered on the stunt team, and my years of teaching Pilates and fitness allows me to see movement, to anticipate movement, and to capture that in camera.

I'm not afraid of moving.

What you put in and on your body really does make a difference!  Feeling good makes you look good, and this is why I love that I have products and a program to offer to people to do just that-- addressing wellbeing from the inside out.  Photoshop and filters can only do so much.  Make sure to choose to nourish your body with goodness  inside and out!

To love your outside, start on the inside.

no 2

The standard of beauty has always, and will always change.  And I know what good makeup, good lighting, and photoshop can do.  I also know what it can't do.  My goal is use all the tricks of the trade, coupled with you at your best, to bring out the most attractive version of you.

Authentic beauty starts from within.

No 1

no 3

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

just remember

Let's bring it back.  Printed photos!-- on your walls, in albums, in frames.  I even miss the days of wallets lined with photos in plastic sleeves. (Remember those?!?) But let's start with your home, and printing your photos.  And even better when those photos are personalized art for your walls!  

Faith over fear.

I don't know if we will meet, if I'll have the opportunity to take your photos-- I hope so!  But if you've read this far, can I just remind you of this?  FEAR is "false evidence appearing real." It will never move you forward, nor be something that leads you to truth and goodness.  And for my fellow Jesus-followers,  remember "Fear Not" is 365x in the Bible.  Choose faith, find truth, and live fully! 


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