Are you brand's photographs propelling you towards your goals?

It's time to use the power of professional photography to create a strategic, curated collection of images that cohesively convey your unique brand's value and expertise.

Elevate your brand with photographs that work as hard as you do

“Krissy was truly able to capture my vision and catapult me to the next step. Personally and professionally.”


- whitney, business owner

What you offer is specific to you, and it is so good. By attentively focusing on your unique brand, we help tailor your photography session so that you can stand out in the scroll and be seen.

Our goal is to collaborate with you to elevate your brand and create profit-boosting photos.  We will dive deep to determine a strategy and visuals that drive you and brand forward.

Do you ever wish you had your own Mary Poppin's bag of digital images for your business? And then you could just reach in and pull out exactly what you need to say, and say it better than you could ever say it in your own words?

Remember, Mary had her bag, and song, unique for her and her business and audience.

You can have your own "bag," full of images unique to you and your business. (Songs are optional.)

You don't need Ms. Poppin's bag.

Your Strategic Brand Photo Experience  affords you  a cohesive collection of photos customized for your brand, so you can stop your audience mid-scroll and drive profit.

the truth is


more views for articles with relevant images

statistics &


more information retained with a visual than with text


b as in billion, social media users worldwide, spending 2 HOURS/DAy SCROLLING


times faster processing an image in the brain rather than words


communication "said" non-verbally.


more engagement on social media posting with photos


photos that work for you & your business

Aligning your business photos with your profit goals.  If you're putting money out, you need to be bringing money in.

Purpose & Profit

Your audience has the opportunity to see you as you want to be seen; and with relevant, brand-aligned photos you will also be heard.

seen & heard

A curated gallery of photos, dedicated to your business success, that are cohesive, and flexible for use.

curated & cohesive

let's be strategic

I'm Krissy.
I'm using photography and strategy for you & your business to thrive.

Success is fun, and seeing you succeed is even better. I'm using 22+ years as a business owner, my degree in Rhetoric and Communication, a lifelong love for research and connecting the dots, and then 15 years of photography experience, to create a visual representation of your brand through photographs. I will make sure you feel fabulous and confident in front of my camera.  And I also want you to use these photographs to get in front of the audience that you envision...including those who aren't in their seats just yet.

more about Krissy

Hey there!

One size does not fit all.  Plus, you, your business, way to unique to treat it like stock images and presets are what you need. Like an expert tailor working on a couture piece for you, this is about designing something that highlights the best of you, that fits in a way you didn't even realize it could.  This is about discovering what is working, and what is not working.  Any holes in the seams? Let's stitch those up and take care of those too.  Through discussion and in depth research and Krissy's exclusive Brand Development Process, we will collaborate to create profitable photos your business needs.

Showing up is always important, but we begin executing a strategic plan weeks before getting in front of the camera. The exclusive Brand Development Plan Krissy will walk through with you includes conversations, questionnaires, and in-depth research.  The thorough preparation means you'll be more relaxed and confident when me and my lens are in front of you.  No need to do what works for somebody else's business, instead our collaborative preparation means this is crafted to be about you and what is best for your brand.  

Here's What We'll Do

A Tailored Approach

Strategy & Prep



All of your photos are curated into a digital collection that will prove to be your own Mary Poppin's bag of photographic content to use as needed.
This means: 
  • Stop the Scroll Social Media Photographs
  • Social Marketing Content
  • Newsletter Content
  • Website and Online Content
  • Billboard Ready Photographs
  • Print Marketing Photographs
  • Non-boring Heashots
  • And more!

Digital Collection


You've had your hair and makeup done, potentially even worked with a professional stylist, and you are more than ready to show up, big time. Your feeling all the good feels with your favorite playlist playing and Krissy is giving you direction for relaxed posing-- because as it turns out, there are options besides your hand on your hip.  Imagine a pace smooth like butter melting on toast. Sure, you're in front of the camera, but between Krissy's detailed notes and effortless direction, well it feels like you just put your favorite hoody on.  Unguarded laughter, genuine smiles.  You're heard. You're seen. You know it isn't just the preparation that is paying off, it's all the work you've put into your business too.

The Photography Session


LET'S BREAK it DOWN that what you do is translated through photographs that capture the attention of your audience. You need cohesive photographs that aren't the same as everybody else, and that showcase what you offer. With the expertise of a photographer, who is learning about you and your brand, tailoring your session to you, so that you succeed and stand out all the more.  A brand photoshoot is a where you start or fill in the gaps you need, and love the results.  Beyond social media, and your website, these can be used wherever you need them to be... Digitally in email campaigns, newsletters, and email signatures; and in traditional print from business cards and brochures to magazines and presentations.

On-brand photos for  print and digital content

swipe: which do you need? 
brand Photos

To put it simply, you will be more successful with an authentic portrait that doesn't just represent you, but also is relatable to your potential client. These polished portraits will be handcrafted and finished with a Luxe edit, and still recognizably you. You'll be able to use this for both printing and screen usage.

Your first introduction should be a great one.

SWIPE: which do you need? 

You want to love your first "hello" to be so good, but you also are looking at your content and know it can be more. You are looking at your website and wanting your hard work to translate to your audience and ultimately increase your income.  If photos are worth 1,000 words, then you need the ones that speak on-brand and effectively to your clientele.  The good news is that you can work "both" headshots and branding content in with your photography session with Krissy.

You need both headshots and brand photos

Which do you need:

Strategic Brand Photo Experiences

  • 1.25-hour session
  • The Brand Photography Develop Plan
  • Full gallery of edited, digital images
  • For individuals and some partners

The Quarter Day

  • 3-hour session
  • The Brand Photography Develop Plan
  • Full gallery of edited, digital images


  • 6-hour session
  • The Brand Photography Develop Plan
  • Full gallery of edited, digital images

The Full Day

The Half Day

You aren't needing all the things.  You are needing your first impression to be one that makes people see you, want to meet you, and that looks great while still looking like the authentic you, all while showing you value your business.  Oh, and definitely not boring. Tall order? Nope, not here.  You can choose an in studio headshot session here on John's Island or you can have Krissy travel to your place of business in the Charleston, SC area or beyond.  Also a favorite, on location-- because Charleston has incredible options. 
One more bonus, Krissy is using the same expertise as her 2022 Portrait Master Award to both create and edit your photograph with her Luxe edit, reserved for headshots and contemporary portraiture. 

Maybe you're not needing a branding session.  Maybe what you really need is to start with an authentic, fantastic, introduction-- AKA, headshots.

Inquire about headshots here

You aren't needy, you just are ready to get it all done. There are a few different ways to customize a branding and headshot session for you.  During your complimentary consultation call, Krissy will let you know how.

The Duo: A Branding & Headshot Session


The Duo

also a favorite:

Here's the recap

01. Let's Chat

It is important for you to connect with and feel comfortable with your photographer. After you send your inquiry, we chat on the phone and see if I'm a good fit for you and your goals. (I hope I am!) We will also discuss which options best meet your needs and work within your budget, and talk scheduling.

02. Let’s Plan

You're making it official, a digital contract is sent to you to sign, and your initial payment is collected to secure your session date.  You get your detailed digital Brand Photography Guide to get you started and Krissy begins her deep-dive research. We will have a pre-shoot  collaborative call before your photography session to make sure you are ready for a successful shoot!

03. Let’s Shoot

This is the most fun part.  You're going to have the opportunity to not only see it all come together, but you will also be able to enjoy the not-painful photo session where you feel confident in front of the camera, and actually have a good time!  After that, I cull your photographs so you get the best ones, edit them and put them in an online, downloadable gallery for you to use.

Let's Do This!