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Valentine Picture Books To Love & Read Aloud Tips

Picture Books that are Worth Reading:

I can still remember as a child slowly flipping the pages, hearing the crease crack as I pressed the smooth page flat and gazed with wonder at the illustrations. When I first discovered that homeschool could include a treasury of gems of picture books, I was hooked. And these books are not what you find marketed to you in stores like Barnes and Noble– those are gimmicky and aren’t the treasures that they can be. If they have movie, television shows or illustrations of little value or are written like you are illiterate and/or stupid, they are like junk food. However, there are books that are like a nutritious home cooked meal, nourishing your soul both as reader and as listener. And they are a great alternative to screen time. We’ve sifted through many over the past 19 years, but I grabbed a few that remain and are themed for February to share with you. The bonus: you’ll either learn something from them yourself, or find yourself breathing a little deeper, snuggling a little closer, and just happier.

Listenting Tips:

For read aloud chapter books I did not have rules for listening, so my kids might be building legos, coloring a picture, braiding their doll’s hair, bouncing up and down on an exercise ball, etc. However, I’ve found that for picture books, it was a great time to sit close and snuggle. For February you can grab a soft blanket and be extra cozy too. If your kids are apprehensive to listen and be a part of picture book read aloud time, add a special snack or treat or cup of hot cocoa for them to enjoy while you read.

Timing of the Day:

This could be at bedtime, or anytime in the day when you just want to throw in the towel. Grabbing a good picture book can literally be all you need to do to right the day. It is a reward for everyone’s heart and nourishment for their soul.

These are 5 Favorite February Picture Books:

One to Love — and a great gift for all ages under 12: James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

The History of Valentine’s DaySaint Valentine by Sabdua

Poetry for Mom and the Younger Child to Enjoy, you’ll need to get it used but worth it! — Lavender’s Blue: A Book of Nursery Rhymes

Alternate: Poetry for Mom and Children of all ages to enjoyA Garden of Verses: by Robert Louis Stevenson

Puts the Happy into Happy Valentine’s Day The Day it Rained Hearts

Friendship Celebrated, with illustrations girls especially love but all can appreciate — The Blessings of Friendship Treasury by Mary Engelbreit

And here are a few more I can recommend:

Once There was a Story: Tales from Around the World, Perfect for Sharing by Jane Yolen– who is fantastic!

Snowy Valentine (this is so sweet!)

Here Comes Valentine Cat (this will likely make you laugh!)

Let me know which ones you love too! And, yes, these are affiliate links because it doesn’t cost you and it adds a little value for my family. Thanks for using those!

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