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Healthy Valentine’s Treat – Protein Butter Cup Recipe

Believe it or not you can have the best of healthy and tasty. If you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but want healthy ingredients, I’ve got you. I loved those in middle school and beyond, and long before I realized how many ingredients were actually contributing to the demise of my health. That is a longer story, but real talk, I did not succeed the first 3 decades of my life with choices I thought were “healthy.” The irony was that I was a college athlete and personal trainer during this time. Post pregnancy #2, which was rough, it caught up to me in my 30s with inflammation and autoimmune issues that I have to deal with daily now in my 40s. These days I try to appreciate my body and say “thank you” for all it does for me by treating it a little better with what I put in and on my body. Plus when I feel better, I do better, and there is a lot of good I want to do.

Before sharing this recipe, I need to mention that I have an incredible reset if cravings and unhealthy habits have derailed your “be healthier” efforts. And contrary to popular opinion, a calorie is not a calorie– what you eat impacts your body uniquely. That is why I love this reset— you’ll learn swaps to be healthier and what your body needs and does not need. This reset has products that are dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, no refined sugars, vegan, and packed with medical grade nutrition. And I have loads of recipes for you, including if you are grain free. It is sustainable too– meaning you can keep your results and learn how to be a healthier you. If you want more just click here and say “Reset Please.”

Next disclaimer, this recipe uses Arbonne’s protein. I cannot recommend this recipe with other protein. I really wouldn’t have any idea how it would taste either. Arbonne’s base is pea, cranberry, and rice protein, but I’ve found that the way they formulate does not interfere with me even when I had to go on a strict AIP protocol and/or grain and legume free. When I’ve been off of it for a doctor seeing how I do, they’ve always put me back on because I’ve done better with it. Plus, it is sustainable. If you’ve done an AIP protocol, you know how hard it is to do while doing life.

Also, prior to beginning a business with Arbonne– a treat in itself!– I had tried just about every protein out there. I went from dying the first time because the fillers and ingredients did NOT agree with me, to hating the taste of chalk, to not understanding the hiked up price and why it left me bloated, to trying “the best” from a doctor and getting so much estrogen dominance from their grass fed protein that I needed a biopsy and my other doctor thought I had breast cancer. A week off that protein and I was good. By the time I tried Arbonne, I didn’t have much hope for Arbonne– vegan and good? Really?!? But yes it is! It is smooth, delicious, and packed with nutrients. I’m showing you a recipe for a treat here, but I have loads of protein shake and smoothie and bowl recipes for my clients for them to do a healthy, clean meal swap that saves them time and money and adds to their health too. And it tastes so good, like a milkshake!

You can get the protein at a discount as a Preferred Client and free shipping with 2 bags. I’m linking it here with a discount link and you can just keep the 2 bags you want (make sure one is chocolate), get the free shipping, the discount, and a free product on your next qualifying order. Really, I’m here to hook you up with the best deal. As far as flavors, my other favorite is the coffee protein. If you want the 1g of sugar option those are the SimplyOne proteins. Everything has a 90-day money back guarantee, so if you hate it (which you won’t) you can return it, no issues. I’ll also send you some additional recipes. And if you have questions, I’m happy to answer those for you too. Just ask!

A few more recipe notes…. I did not use peanut butter because good ol’ PB can carry mold toxins and this legume (not a nut) can trigger inflammation, which I just have too much of anyway. Plus the fat in peanut butter isn’t as healthy as other nut butters. Options to almond butter I do recommend: Cashew Butter (yum!) and Nutzo (a mixed nut butter and Costco has a version that is delicious) and even Sunflower Butter.

Some people will add agave but there are benefits with coconut nectar so if you need/want them a little sweeter then I recommend Coconut Nectar.

Protein Chocolate Almond Butter Cups Recipe:

Take 1/4 cup Coconut Oil melted, to 2 scoops of Arbonne Chocolate FeelFit Protein, or SimplyOne for a 1g of sugar option. If you want it sweeter add the 1-2 TBS of Coconut Nectar at this point.


Pour into the base of the muffin cup holder or mold that you are using, filling it half way.

Freeze for 5 minutes.

Add a dallop of nut butter of choice on top.

Top with remaining coconut oil/protein mixture.

Freeze for about 10 minutes.


If you have a fun silicone mold like this one, you can make them heart shaped. And that is festive for February or just to add a little extra love in these.

Also, if you are doing the reset, the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge, I don’t recommend these often, but as a special treat you’ll be good– of course moderation is key.

These are not difficult, and their imperfections lend to how perfect they are.

And here it is all together.

If you make these tag me @krissymillar! Happy and Healthy is so good.

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